Guidelines for Obtaining a Special Marriage Licence

hands at marriage being held

  • Obtain Marriage Application Form (Form G) (PDF, 84.2 KB) and List of Required Documents for Grant of a Special Marriage Licence
  • Present completed form and other required/relevant documents to the Ministry of Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs. One of the under listed officers will be available to assist you:
    • Assistant Secretary
    • Minister's Secretary
    • Permanent Secretary's Secretary
  • Pay relevant fees at the Accounts Section after the documents have been reviewed
    • For those wishing to meet the two day residency requirement (EC$300.00), the licence will be processed within three (3) days
    • For persons opting for no residency ($EC500.00), await preparation and approval of licence or return within specified time
    • For weekend and holiday weddings ($EC704.00) applicants will be required to contact the Ministry at (767) 275 3611

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