Public Assistance

What is Public Assistance?

It is assistance designed to provide relief to indigent persons who are unable to maintain themselves unaided. It should be noted that Public Assistance is not permanent.

What it is not:

  • Not old age pension
  • Not unemployment benefits
  • Not sickness benefits
  • Not child maintenance
  • Not social security benefits


  • Application for persons concerned.
    It would be ideal if a person applied himself/ herself through Council who in turn would forward application to Welfare Division. However, Local Government, Health and other personnel could also apply on someone’s behalf. But DO NOT apply for someone without prior consultation with the person.
  • Investigation by Officer and recommendation.
    Officers visit applicants at home. This is very important as part of the investigations.
  • Approval by Personnel from Ministry.
    Welfare Officers do not approve cases. This is done by Senior Personnel of the Ministry.
  • Payment by Accounting Division:
    When cases are approved, the Welfare Division is no longer accountable. The Accounting Section takes over. Problems relating to short payment to Council, names not included on list etc, should be brought to the attention of the Accounting Section.
Amounts paid under Public Assistance
  1. Adult - $150.00 monthly
  2. Child - $127.50 monthly or until the child leaves secondary school
  3. Family Allowance - $127.50 per child monthly (Up to a maximum of $375.00 monthly)

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