Bureau of Gender Affairs

Our Responsibility:

The Bureau of Gender Affairs within the Ministry of Social Services, Community Development And Gender Affairs seeks to promote and advance the concerns of women and gender issues to assist women and men in realizing their full potential through the attainment of gender equity and equality.


The Gender Bureau representing the interest of women and men at the governmental level ensures that policies, plans and programmes are in place to achieve improvement in the status of women and men and carries out its mandate in collaboration with government and non-government organizations.


A more gender friendly society, which recognizes the differences and similarities between women and men, boys and girls, reflected in the acquisition of equal access to resources, opportunities and benefits for the realisation of the full potential of all citizens in national development based on the principles of equality, justice and peace.


The Bureau of Gender Affairs is the national machinery within the Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs responsible for the administration of women affairs and gender issues. 
An Advisory Committee appointed by the Honourable Minister of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs advises on policy and plans which is implemented by the Bureau.


In keeping with a global response to a call by the United Nations for integration of women in development, the Women’s Bureau was established first as a Women’s desk in 1980 with a staff of one—the Director.  It gradually grew to become the Women’s Bureau and is currently staffed by six.  During its existence it shifted location from Community Development and Social Affairs in Economic Development Unit in Prime Minister’s Office in 1989-1991 and back to Community Development and Women’s Affairs.  It also went through some periods of dormancy during this process but was revitalized in 1997 under a new Director. In September 2009 the Women’s Bureau was renamed the Bureau of Gender Affairs.

More information is available on the Bureau's website: http://genderaffairs.gov.dm.

The  Bureau of Gender Affairs
The Globe Building
106 Independence Street, Roseau
Commonwealth of Dominica
Tel: (767) 266 3023 / 3344 / 3083
Fax: (767) 448 7855
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Our Vision

To function as a catalyst for the improved spiritual, social and economic well-being of the populace and to facilitate the transition to a more just society.

Our Mission

To promote spirituality, strengthen family structures and develop human and social capital via the provision of support to the most vulnerable segments of society, reduction of inequality and gender discrimination and improved access to opportunities.